Monday, 16 June 2014

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box (1 & 10)



For Memorial Day Julep put out 10 carrying sized mystery boxes. Though I have not had the best luck with mystery boxes I couldn't help but be interested in box #1 due to the fact that it was going to have a mint green little purse and the spoiler polish (Taryn) that they showed. This box cost $40 and had $143 value. The other "box", which is actually a mystery bag, was $10 and had a $30 value. On a very needed side note, the gift box this came in is absolutely gorgeous, gigantic, and useful. It has a magnetic closure and will serve a very needed purpose of holding my products!
Contents of box #1
Minty green bag
Freedom Polymer Top Coat
Rock Star Hand Cream
Glycolic Hand Scrub
Moisture Mask Trio
All in all, this would be quite a good box for most people. Unfortunately, I have made quite a few purchases lately and have all the items in the box, save for the polishes (However I am receiving another Lizanne in my next mystery box). I have many Rock Star hand creams so I will probably save this for a gift or store it away for when I run out. I also have a full size and travel size of the Glycolic hand scrub along with another on the way. I have numerous Top Coats, but you can use extras. Finally, the mask trio I have another, but I have yet to use it. There are three masks within (foot, hand, and nail), so I am happy to have another set just in case I like the first one. As far as the three polishes, they are all lovely and in the same colour family, a very aquatic feel.
Taryn is a lovely blue glitter top coat. With 2-3 coats it can wear on its own or be painted over top of another polish (such as Lizanne).
Lizanne is a sea green with shimmer. It is almost good to go with one coat, but two coats creates perfect opacity. This is a great summer colour.
Diane is a dark forest green crème, but it is very runny. It has two very positive reviews on the Julep site, but it is a little lack lustre. It takes 3 coats to reach full opacity, which I do not have much patience for. It is so dark, it almost looks black except for in the light. It is a lovely dark colour, the formula just needs to be a bit thicker.
Box #10 was quite a simple set, but for $10 given the spoiler polish was a gorgeous coral and regular price is $14 a polish I could not resist. This pack contained two polishes, Harriet which was the spoiler and Donna. The final item in the baggy was an emery board which I was in need of.

Harriet is a gorgeous guava coral crème. It goes on sheer, but not streaky, with one coat and fully opaque with two. This is a gorgeous pinky orange and I am very happy with my purchase. This alone made the value of the bag worth it. I quite like the way it looks with just one coat of polish more than at full opacity. I will get a lot of use out of this polish, especially this summer.
Donna is described as a Smokey peacock blue crème, with I feel is quite accurate. It is a beautiful deep turquoise. The amazing thing about this dark polish is that it is not runny at all and is at full opacity with just one coat of polish. In essence, it is similar to Lizanne, minus the shimmer and only being deeper. This makes for a beautiful mermaid inspired manicure.

I bought Cody as an add on to my purchase for $4.99 and am sorrowly disappointed. I was looking for a basketball orange to do nail art with, but this polish is far too runny. It does not go to opacity with two coats and makes a mess on the nail. It is described as a cantaloupe orange crème, the colour is very bright. I just wish it had been the formula I was hoping for.

Finally, I used a coupon code and received the Julep Bare Face cleansing oil. I have yet to try it, only having received my box today, but I look forward to it. I have been using a Garnier Facial Oil as of late and see the effectiveness of its removal of my makeup. If it does not prove useful for me I will pass it on to a friend. Julep coupon codes are some of the best around. I have received so many free items!

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