Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summer Favs

Have you missed me?

Well the summer has come to an end and I am back to work. I had an amazing summer, even though it was very short. I got married, traveled to Jamaica, and got a LOT of subscription boxes when I came home. I'm sorry that I have been away for so long, but I'm here now. And I figured what better post to make than a summer favs post. What was I using and loving this summer and why you might want to get your hands on it too.
Let's start off with beauty products.
Hair: One 'n' Only Argon Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.
This is not so much a summer favourite as it is a Holy Grail item. My hair used to be very damaged and brittle from dyeing, but now is soft and quite strong. I have been using this brand of shampoo and conditioner for around 5 years now and have a very hard time using anything else. If you haven't tried this you really should. They have a few different lines for different hair needs, as well as masks, and styling products. You can purchase it here at Sally Beauty.
Body: Whoosh body jelly by Lush. This stuff is the best, especially for traveling. A little goes a long way, so you can scrape a little bit of product into a travel container and it will last you. It is a great morning body wash with its strong citrus notes. Its scent also lingers for a while and doesn't just disappear after rinsing.
Face: In the summer I don't wear a lot of makeup because the weather is warm and I get "dewy" pretty quickly. With all the swimming and sweating I wear a lot of waterproof things, sunscreen, and BB creams with SPF. The following 2 products, which were amazing finds from my Memebox purchases, were staples all summer long. Mool Pool Deep Cleansing will take anything off your skin, no matter how waterproof it proves to be. Cleansing Perfecta by CNP Laboratory is a life saver of sunscreen removal. No one likes the feeling of sunscreen on your skin and no matter how well you wash it off there feels like there is some left over. This stuff takes it all off! Must have for summer. The next product, also a Memebox find, helped control my pores this summer. Leaf Pore Essence by Nuganic absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel fresh and ready.
Tools: Eyeshadow brush by Julep is an amazing fluffy, blending brush and is the only thing I have ever been able to create a smoky eye with. The Liner and Brow brush by Quo (found at Shoppers Drug Mart) has the perfect thickness, stiffness, and softness to apply gel liner. It creates a very neat line and cleans easily (Especially with the help of Mool Pool).
Face: My absolute favourite face product ever has to be the Dr. G Bing Bling Cream. This Memebox find is the best BB cream I have ever tried. It is dewy, but has good coverage. It also has SPF 35 and during the summer that is a great addition. This is a Holy Grail item too. As far as cheek products go, I bit the bullet and dropped the $$ on L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush in 501 Soft Peach. God it is expensive for what it is, ringing in anywhere between $14 and $19 depending on the store. I managed to get this on sale and I'm so happy I got to try it. I wouldn't recommend buying it for that price though, because Rimmel has a great line of liquid blushes that competes.
Lips: Both of these lip tints/stains are amazing and Memebox finds. I am obsessed with stains because they last so long, have great color pay off, and can change the colour of any lipstick you own. Of all the ones I own and used I picked one for each shade I have been wearing this summer. 03 Rock Berry "I Say Tint You Say Gloss" by ellegirl and an orange tint by Peripera. Bright lips is what I was all about this summer and more often than not I was sporting an orange hue. Don't be scared off by the thought of having orange lips because if you find the right tone for you, it often loops better than any red or pink could and makes your tan stand out more.
Eyes: Last but not least we have my fav eye makeup products for the summer.  

The majority of the summer I sported Mischievous Marissa by theBalm lined with Orion by Starlooks long wear eyeliner which is a deep mermaid colour topped off with L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Magna (waterproof). If you are looking for a soft, creamy (without being a crème), and PIGMENTED shadow you cannot go wrong with this one. It is a shadow you can easily apply with just your finger and get a beautiful natural eye look. The liner is the ONLY liner that will not smudge on my watery eyes. I am not even remotely joking, it won't move. No matter how much you sweat, rub your eyes, cry, swim it basically does not move and takes forever to fad. You need to use a makeup remover specifically designed to remove waterproof stuff (such as Mool Pool), but I can't do without this. I have bought (or received in a Starbox) 5 other colours from this line.
When I wasn't wearing Mischievous Marissa, I was enjoying a la mode by Too Faced. I bought this on a whim because I have had good experiences with Too Faced shadows and thought the bottom pink colour was AMAZING! This palette has the perfect mix of neutrals, summery, and bold colours. The pigmentation is great on all of them too.
From left to right: Jardin & Monaco by Too Faced and Mischievous Marissa by theBalm.
Comment below what you were loving this summer and what you could not do without.




  1. Did not know you had this -quite entertaining and informative