Friday, 6 June 2014

June Ipsy Sneak Peak #5 (The Bag)

This bag is everything I had hoped. It definitely has the summer island vacation feel, none of the cheesiness, and the material does not look as if it is going to be rubbery (and therefore smelly). And the bonus??? ITS DESIGNER!!!! Rebecca Minkoff designed this "Pretty in Paradise" bag for Ipsy this month, so all Glam Bag subscribers will have a piece of high end fashion in their hands.

*Sources online say, and once you follow the link you will believe them, that the material of our bag is the same as Rebecca Minkoff's Dev Dress. Check it out yourself, I am inclined to believe them. This dress runs for around $370, so its some expensive material.
To top that off, if by the 16th of June subscribers istagram, tweet, etc. 250 picks of this bag we will unlock a 20% off coupon for the RebeccaMinkoff.com site!
My only complaint about the bag is that it has a side zipper. It adds for a touch of cuteness, but it makes it a little more difficult to store as much in the bag. But I can accept that "downside" because the side zipper gives it a awash of extra colour.
Remember, Glam Rooms go live on Tuesday and the first round of shipments have already left the factory. I'm looking forward to getting my bag early next week. If you are not signed up yet, this is a $10US a month subscription with $4.95 shipping to Canada. If you are in the US the shipping is free. Feel free to sign up using my referral link.

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