Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Ipsy June Sneak Peak #2


Let me first say that I am loving the adorable "camouflage" that is on this month's sneak peaks. I am getting so excited for June's Glam Bag! Conveniently it is obviously a beach getaway theme and I am going to be going to Jamaica this summer so hopefully the bag is adorable and good for travel.
In this sneak peak we learn that each Ipsy subscriber will get ONE of the following eye liners:
A Waterproof Liquid Liner Pen in black by Jessie's Girl cosmetics. Value on site is $6.99 US
It claims that it has a waterproof and smudge-proof application and that due to the calligraphy style of pen it can create a line as small as 1mm.

A Shimmer Eyeliner from Nicka K cosmetics. Value on site is $4.99 US
There seems to be a choice of two colours for this product, either NF004 BLUE OR NF008 GREEN. They are described as water, smudge, and fade-resistant. "Resistant" is not quite the same as "proof" so we will see what this shiny and shimmery liner is like in the long run. The colours are very pretty for the season though as a bottom lash liner. Anytime an eyeliner is shimmery though I always question how covered in sparkles I will be by the end of it.
Finally, a synthetic beeswax water resistant eyeliner from OFRA cosmetics laboratories. This seems to be the higher end of the 3 different products and the priciest, running in at $10 a pop. The colour is most likely Brown, but if could also easily be the Coffee Bean shade. This liner claims it is perfect for sensitive eyes so this is my personal choice for the month. Besides the fact that I think brown would be more versatile for me, I have VERY sensitive eyes and would like to test this product out on them.
Which product from Sneak Peak #2 are you looking most forward to?
Also, if you are interested in signing up, follow my subscription link http://www.ipsy.com/r/63d4

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