Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Luckybox #2

I know for most of you this review is very late, but on I have also had the chance to thoroughly use these products and be able to give a valid review. This was one of my first boxes (this and Mask edition #2 came in the mail the same day). I could not have been happier when I opened this box, Luckyboxes are definitely worth the $23 (plus $6.99 shipping)! This box was worth a whopping $132.80!

The following are the items that were found in this box:
  1. Espoir Lip Stick (Full Size $15)
  2. Nuganic Customized Sunblock Fresh SPF50PA+++ (Full size $45)
  3. Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum (Full size $38)
  4. LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence 20ml (Full size is 50ml @ $32)
  5. Dr. G BIO-RTx Mentor Cream 20ml (I received #5 in this box) (Full size is 50ml @ $35)
  6. Miseenscene 2X Curl Essence 30 ml (Full size 150ml @ $10)
  7. Leaders Insulation Sheet Mask (BIO Media-curing Aqua Dressing) & (Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato) ($3 each)

The first item in the box is this gorgeous lipstick in Steal Heart. There was the option between this or the Espoir Lipgloss and I am thankful that I got what I got. This lipstick is so creamy and feels incredibly nourishing on the lips. Literally makes your lips kissable soft. It is quite light pink, Barbie/Bubble-gum pink. In order for it to be the most effective, I need a light base because my lips are naturally very pigmented. I have used my Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm that I received in an Ipsy bag in April. But today I put it on over top of my Periperi orange lip tint (Naked box #15) and the colour was incredible.

The next product I am in love with! I have never found a Sunblock that I have ever felt comfortable with putting on my face. It is not the smoothest to spread out, but when it goes on it is not greasy like most Sunblocks. I can wear this sunscreen under makeup without my skin feeling like it has a bunch of build up on it. It has a light smell, classic sunscreen smell. I am only going to use this on my face so that it lasts. I could use it on my whole body, but I will use the regular drugstore kind for everywhere but my face. I'm hoping maybe another one of these comes in Super box #23 (Summer box) that I ordered. Anytime I find something I love that I can't buy regularly I have a hard time using it regularly for fear it runs out.  
Another product from this box that I am loving is the Dr. Jart V7 eye serum. I have very sensitive eyes and they react to most creams. Now this cream, if I'm not careful with my application, will make my eyes water, but I really have to get this in my eye. Other creams can barely go near them. It is a very light, watery cream that spreads gently over the sensitive eye area. I am still not sure if it has made a difference in the long term look of my skin. I will say, though, that I make sure to put this on when I stay up late or am very tired and the complex of 7 vitamins definitely revitalizes my skin and I do not look as tired as I probably feel.
The item that I have probably gotten the most use out of (which is good because I have since received two more bottles) is the Tea Tree Essence. That stuff really works fast! I had a pimple brewing on my chin and I put this product on it and the next morning it was almost all dried up. That being said, this essence is not drying whatsoever. You can easily use this as your every day toner/essence and I have been most days. Contrary to most tea tree products, there is no harsh smell, truly there is almost no smell at all.

The next product I have not gotten much use out of yet. I am thankful that I received #5 (for dry skin), but by the time the box arrived, my dry patches from the harsh winter were cleared up. There was the possibility of receiving #3 (oily skin) or #7 (damaged skin, received this in Lucky box #5). I am going to save this cream the winter months again because my face does start really drying out badly in some spots and my skin could use some nourishment. I did check the consistency and it blends smoothly and soaks into the skin quickly, non greasy. It will be great come January north of the 50th.

 This nourishing leave-in treatment by Mise en scene smells so good. I am not sure how to describe it, but it makes your hair silky, smooth, and so fresh smelling. I have only used this products a couple times, but my hair looked shinier each time. I cannot, however, vouch for the volumizing of this product. My hair is in need of volume for sure, but there was no change any time I used it.
Finally, this box contained two sheet masks. The one I have tried, the Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato, is enjoyable. It was the first sheet mask I ever tried. It was a lot more gloppy than some of the others I have tried, but I suspect that was the coconut jelly. It also did not want to stay on my face due to gravity. I ended up having to lay down on the couch until the time was up. I did enjoy the feeling of it after. My skin felt refreshed and clean. It was a bit tight after it dried though, but not the same way a face peel feels, but in a good way. The other mask (Aqua Dressing) I have not had the chance to try yet as I have used a fair amount of my masks from Mask box #2.

All in all, this first box really spoiled me. There were so many products in this box that were amazing, which is not surprising considering it is made up of the best of the memeboxes. I would definitely recommend Luckyboxes to anyone looking into getting into the Memebox scene.

What was/or would be your favourite item in this box?


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