Monday, 9 June 2014

Julep Summer Mystery Boxes

Summer Break Mystery Box. $24.99 ($100+ value). Shop the mystery ›
Julep has just revealed two new mystery boxes for the summer. #1 is a box with $109 worth of product for the general $25 mystery box price. With box #1 you know you are getting Elena which, as the photo shows, is a gorgeous sparkly pink colour (roseate crème with gold sparkle).

This is what did it for me, because I do not have any colours like that in my Julep collection. I had decided to swear off the mystery boxes because they hadn't been as exciting as I had hoped, probably due to the fact that I have a lot of polishes and have now tried the majority of the products. But I decided to take a chance, because if nothing else I would have this gorgeous colour and some gifts. If I get dupes now that is what I do, I gift them.
There is also a #2 box where it is 100% a mystery. It will NOT include Elena. It boasts $110 worth of product for the $25 fee. I am never confident in complete mystery boxes, especially where I have such a large collection now (50+).
For those of you who do decide to purchase this box, which would be especially great for new Julep Mavens looking to grow their collection and try out some products, you should know about the mystery bags at checkout. If you are not familiar with Julep, after you checkout a pop up will appear with many different products or deals for you to add to your order before finalizing. Right now there is a Summer Break Mystery Add on for $9.99 (value of $42 so probably 3 polishes) and a Summer Break Super Mystery Add On for $14.99 ($51 value). I decided, why the heck not, and got the cheaper of the two. I figured it would give me something to review for you all and I love getting mail!
If you are interested in signing up for Julep's monthly subscription box (review coming as soon as I receive June's box), please use my referral link. I will receive $15 store credit for every person who uses my referral link. The more I receive, the more I can review! I thank you in advance.
Which box are you planning on getting this month? Keep in mind the Mystery Add Ons are there for any regular order as well, so do not feel the need to purchase the full boxes if you just want the $9.99 mystery. You will just need to make another form of purchase, perhaps your favourite colour, first.

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